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CMST III Available for Hosting

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CMST III Available for Hosting

Post by DeckardCain » Thu Dec 29, 2011 7:24 pm

The 2012 Collaborative Middle School Tournament will be available for hosting from February 18, 2012 until April 7, 2012. There is no fee to use this set of questions at your middle school tournament. This tournament is written and edited by members of the high school and college quizbowl communities.

This set will consist of 10 rounds of 20 10-point toss-ups and 20 three-part, 30-point bonuses, plus tie-breaker questions. Each set of 20 questions consists of (note that x/y means x tossups and y bonuses):

5/5 Social Studies:
1/1 American History
1/1 European History
1/1 World/Ancient History
0/1 American Government
2/1 Geography

4/4 Literature and Language Arts
2/2 American and British Literature
1/1 Juvenile Literature
1/1 Other Literature and Language Arts

5/5 Math and Science
1/1 Life Science
2/1 Physical Science
1/1 Astronomy
1/1 Mathematics (Theory)
0/1 Mathematics (Computation)

2/2 Fine and Performing Arts
1/1 Visual Arts
1/1 Auditory Arts

4/4 Additional Topics
1/1 Religion
1/1 Mythology
1/1 Current Events
1/1 Popular Culture or General Knowledge

Tie-breaker questions will be taken from any of the above categories except popular culture.

For an idea of what our final packets will look like, please download the 2010 and 2011 iterations of the tournament.

Bids should be e-mailed to Matt Chadbourne at mwchadbourne at gmail dot com and include:
-The name of the school(s) interested in hosting, and the name(s) and contact information of coach(es) serving as prospective tournament directors. High school and collegiate hosts may have players serve as prospective tournament directors in lieu of or in addition to coaches. We do not require previous experience.
-The prospective area from which you would draw teams (e.g. single school, single district, municipal area, state). We are happy to have multiple sites in close proximity, so long as the addition of one site will not severely impact the field of a second site.
-The date(s) on which the tournament would be held. Bids to use these questions for league play are welcome; however, we will give preference to schools that wish to host a weekend tournament.
-Fee structures. Since there is no fee to use these questions, we suggest a base entry fee of no more than 70% of the normal fee in a school’s area.
-Your prospective plan for reporting statistics to the CMST team. We do not require individual statistics; however, we do require win-loss record, team points per game, team tossups answered, and team bonus conversion (bonus points earned per bonus controlled) for each team.
-An estimated maximum field size.
-Anything else you consider relevant to our consideration of your bid.

While it is not vital to bid acceptance, we would like to see hosts provide the following:
-In some areas it is customary to bring one team with more than eight players and have many students rotate playing. We believe that it is a more fun experience if all students play most of the time. We would like hosts to suggest to participating schools that they split their contingent into multiple teams, each with no more than eight players, and offer large “multiple team” discounts as incentives to do this. However, we understand that staffing and room constraints, as well as the number of chaperones available for a particular school, may make it unfeasible for some hosts to mandate this.
-We would like hosts to provide the greatest number of meaningful games for all teams, and are happy to assist hosts in devising a format to that end. We suggest that the top preliminary teams advance to a round-robin playoff bracket, and that consolation matches be set up for non-playoff teams that are interested in playing more questions.

Any questions concerning bidding or the tournament itself should be e-mailed to Matt Chadbourne at mwchadbourne at gmail dot com.

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