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ROQ I at Rock Bridge CANCELLED

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Nathan Rock Bridge
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ROQ I at Rock Bridge CANCELLED

Post by Nathan Rock Bridge » Fri Feb 05, 2016 10:26 am

Rock Bridge High School is excited to announce the first (annual?) ROQ (Responding to Objective Questions) using an NAQT A set (Invitational Series #153A EDIT: The set is being changed to Invitational Series #151A). According to the NAQT website this set was previously used in Missouri at the Strafford Invitational and will also be used in Missouri at the Waynesville Invitational, the Gateway Athletic Conference Tournament at Orchard Farm, Spoofhound Classic at Maryville, OMAR at Moberly, and the De Soto Invitational. After the change in set it appears that #151A has also been played at or will also be played at Lee's Summit North, Orchard Farm, De Smet, Perryville, Houston, and Tuscumbia. Teams participating in those tournaments must be sure not to register for ROQ, although we will encourage teams who are left out of those tournaments via waitlist to register for ROQ. Rock Bridge will host the tournament on Saturday, April 9th, 2016 at RBHS in Columbia, MO. This tournament will be a week before MSHSAA districts and we hope the shorter A set questions be solid practice for MSHSAA style tournaments. This tournament will be for Varsity teams, but you are encouraged to bring B and C teams to get experience playing on the more accessible A set. We will divide into morning brackets and play round robin before re-bracketing in the afternoon. Unless a team clears the field we will play an advantage final to determine the winner. We will be using standard NAQT tournament rules with 15 point powers and 5 point negs without Bouncebacks. The top individual scorers will be recognized with a classic novel of their choosing after the morning rounds, and we will post stats whenever possible.
Registration will begin at 8:15AM in the Main Commons. The tournament will commence as close to 9AM as possible. We’re hoping to end the tournament between 4 and 5PM.

Base fee for the first team from each school: $60
Second or subsequent teams: $50
Travel discount for 100 miles or more one way: -$5 per team
Buzzer discount (buzzers must be functional): -$5 for each buzzer system
Experienced Moderator discount (upon approval): -$20
Scorekeeper discount: -$5

We will have preliminary cap of 18 teams, with some room to expand. I will be co-hosting this tournament with our coach at Rock Bridge, Greg Irwin. Email me at to reserve your spot and how many buzzer sets/staffers you can bring. I am seeking MSHSAA and PACE approval and will update with more information as it becomes available. We look forward to seeing you in April.

Best Wishes,
Nathan Kempf

Also, I'd like to personally apologize for the late announcement date.

EDIT: We are currently in the process of changing our set due to the many overlaps between IS153A and other tournaments in the area. Our most likely switch will be to 151A, but if that does not work out we will likely be switching to a house write.
EDIT: It appears that the switch to 151A has gone through and the tournament will be played on that set.
EDIT: We still have spots left, last minute additions would be welcome. Barring a large number of late additions this will be a small tournament, but getting a couple more teams would allow us to play a few more rounds.

EDIT: Unfortunately do to a miscommunication with NAQT we were sent the wrong set. Due to overlap with our field we will sadly have to cancel the tournament. I'd like to personally thank Jason Loy and Kyle Hill for helping us organize this tournament and apologize to them, as well as the whole Moberly, Helias, and Richland quiz bowl programs for the unfortunate canceling of this tournament.

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