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AUX Cord Trash Set

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AUX Cord Trash Set

Post by FortOsageScholarBowl » Sun Apr 23, 2017 9:53 pm

The Fort Osage High School Scholar Bowl team is pleased to announce the release of...

"YO, Pass the AUX cord, You'd Better Not Read" TRASH event!

This set was originally used as a 10/10 for our TRASH trivia tournament on Feb. 9th. It was only 4 packets (an EP, if you will...), but has now been turned into a 6 packet 20/20 set. This mixtape is ready to drop for any team who would like to have a Trash set for practice, fundraising, a good laugh, etc.... Prices are negotiable, and its sequel will be due in October, so I will leave it open until then...

Here is the question breakdown:

3/3 Vintage music (pre-1970's, 1970's-1980's)
3/3 Modern music (1990's-today)
2/2 Vintage movies (pre-1960's, 1960's-80's)
2/2 Modern movies (1990's-today)
2/2 Vintage sports (pre-1960's, 1960's-80's)
2/2 Modern sports (1990's-today)
2/2 Vintage TV (pre-1960's, 1960's-80's)
2/2 Modern TV (1990's-today)
3/2 Other (memes, video games, etc.)

None of these are exact, because we did choose topics we liked...

Please let me know if you are interested,, describe how you plan to use it, and I'll send you a price quote...and then we can continue negotiations if need be...

Thanks, Josh Malecki, Fort Osage High School Scholar Bowl

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