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2019 MSHSAA Sectionals/State

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2019 MSHSAA Sectionals/State

Post by Jeffrey Hill » Sat Apr 06, 2019 6:50 pm

I put this post together pretty quickly so let me know if there are any errors

Sectionals (Wednesday, April 17 - left team hosts)
Reported game scores are from unofficial sources like message board posts and Twitter.

Class 1
1: Leopold vs. Summersville (1-2)
2: Exeter vs. Weaubleau (2-0)
3: Appleton City vs. Wellington-Napoleon [2xx-1xx, 260-60]
4: Tuscumbia vs. Columbia Independent (0-2)
5: Bevier vs. Meadville (2-1)
6: Slater vs. Winston [Slater; Winston; Slater]
7: Tri-County vs. Stanberry (0-2)
8: North Andrew vs. Rock Port [260-280; North Andrew wins game 2; 230-280]

Class 2
1: Bernie vs. Bloomfield (2-0)
2: Thayer vs. Spokane (2-0)
3: Marionville vs. College Heights Christian (0-2)
4: Lone Jack vs. Cole Camp [3-2 in OT first game; Lone Jack also wins second game]
5: Richland vs. Calvary Lutheran (0-2)
6: Brentwood vs. Louisiana [160-680, 340-350]
7: Paris+Faith Walk vs. Knox County [120-270; 230-200; 270-220]
8: Polo vs. North Platte [460-220; 410-160]

Class 3
1: Twin Rivers vs. Notre Dame (Cape Girardeau) (0-2)
2: Ste. Genevieve vs. John Burroughs (0-2)
3: Owensville vs. Houston (0-2)
4: Springfield Catholic vs. Seneca (2-1)
5: Nevada vs. Eldon (0-2)
6: Pleasant Hill vs. Hallsville [180-610; Hallsville wins second game]
7: Mexico vs. Palmyra (1-2)
8: Lawson vs. Savannah (0-2)

Class 4
1: Poplar Bluff vs. Oakville (2-0)
2: Ladue vs. Priory [740-130; 640-260]
3: Parkway South vs. Rolla [Parkway South wins first game in OT; Parkway South wins second game]
4: Kickapoo vs. Carl Junction [Kickapoo wins first game in OT; Kickapoo wins second game]
5: Fort Zumwalt North vs. Kirksville [540-270; 343-340]
6: Hickman vs. Belton [382-383; 420-330; 480-300]
7: Lee's Summit North vs. North Kansas City [240-440; 420-270; NKC wins third game]
8: Liberty North vs. Central (St. Joseph) [150-670; 130-560]

State at University of Missouri-Columbia (Class 1 & 2 on Friday, May 3; Class 3 & 4 on Saturday, May 4)
Results spreadsheet

Class 1
Round 1
Summersville vs. Stanberry
Exeter vs. Slater
Appleton City vs. Bevier
Columbia Independent vs. Rock Port

Round 2
Summersville vs. Rock Port
Exeter vs. Stanberry
Appleton City vs. Slater
Columbia Independent vs. Bevier

Round 3
Summersville vs. Bevier
Exeter vs. Rock Port
Appleton City vs. Stanberry
Columbia Independent vs. Slater

Class 2
Round 1
Bernie vs. Paris+Faith Walk
Thayer vs. Louisiana
College Heights Christian vs. Calvary Lutheran
Lone Jack vs. Polo

Round 2
Bernie vs. Polo
Thayer vs. Paris+Faith Walk
College Heights Christian vs. Louisiana
Lone Jack vs. Calvary Lutheran

Round 3
Bernie vs. Calvary Lutheran
Thayer vs. Polo
College Heights Christian vs. Paris+Faith Walk
Lone Jack vs. Louisiana

Class 3
Round 1
Notre Dame (Cape Girardeau) vs. Palmyra
John Burroughs vs. Hallsville
Houston vs. Eldon
Springfield Catholic vs. Savannah

Round 2
Notre Dame (Cape Girardeau) vs. Savannah
John Burroughs vs. Palmyra
Houston vs. Hallsville
Springfield Catholic vs. Eldon

Round 3
Notre Dame (Cape Girardeau) vs. Eldon
John Burroughs vs. Savannah
Houston vs. Palmyra
Springfield Catholic vs. Hallsville

Class 4
Round 1
Poplar Bluff vs. North Kansas City
Ladue vs. Hickman
Parkway South vs. Fort Zumwalt North
Kickapoo vs. Central (St. Joseph)

Round 2
Poplar Bluff vs. Central (St. Joseph)
Ladue vs. North Kansas City
Parkway South vs. Hickman
Kickapoo vs. Fort Zumwalt North

Round 3
Poplar Bluff vs. Fort Zumwalt North
Ladue vs. Central (St. Joseph)
Parkway South vs. North Kansas City
Kickapoo vs. Hickman
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Re: 2019 MSHSAA Sectionals/State

Post by scphilli » Wed Apr 17, 2019 5:27 pm

Ladue over Priory 740-130; 640-260.

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Re: 2019 MSHSAA Sectionals/State

Post by kstockman » Wed Apr 17, 2019 5:38 pm

FZN over Kirksville. 540-270, 343-340

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Re: 2019 MSHSAA Sectionals/State

Post by bolshevik » Wed Apr 17, 2019 6:13 pm

LA over Brentwood 680-160, 350-340

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Re: 2019 MSHSAA Sectionals/State

Post by redliberte » Wed Apr 17, 2019 9:03 pm

Appleton City v. Well-Nap (2xx-1xx, 260-60)

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Jeffrey Hill
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Re: 2019 MSHSAA Sectionals/State

Post by Jeffrey Hill » Thu Apr 18, 2019 6:17 pm

From various reports, at least four games in round 1 went to overtime and another in round 2. I wonder how many games will go to overtime at State.

Hastily compiled notes about the state championship history of the 32 schools advancing to State; hopefully I haven't misstated something:

Class 1
Summersville, Exeter: first appearances at State!
Rock Port: second appearance; 1-2 in 2007
Bevier: second appearance; 1-2 in 2013
Appleton City: second appearance; 1-2 in 2015
Slater: second (consecutive) appearance; 1-2 last year
Columbia Independent: third appearance (7-3); second place in 2012 and 2016
Stanberry: sixth appearance (4-13); first since 2011; fourth place in 2009

2 new schools
Slater is the only team returning from last year and none of these teams qualified in 2017.
We will have a first time champion in Class 1!
2 schools have finished in the top 4 (a total of 3 times)
10 time champion/20 consecutive year qualifier Thomas Jefferson Independent is now in Class 2.
Four teams are making their second appearance. All went 1-2 in their previous trip to State.
Rock Port returning after an 11 year absence

Class 2
Lone Jack: first appearance at State!
Paris (with Faith Walk Academy): second appearance; 0-3 in 2015
Thayer: fourth appearance (6-7); third consecutive; third place last year
Calvary Lutheran: fourth (consecutive) appearance (9-4); 0-3 last year; champion in 2016
Louisiana: fourth (consecutive) appearance (13-2); defending champion (second consecutive title)
Polo: sixth appearance (5-12); 1-2 last year; fourth place in 2016
Bernie: sixth appearance (10-9); first since earning second place in 2003; champion in 2002
College Heights Christian: thirteenth appearance (29-21); tenth consecutive; second place last year and in 2007

1 new school
5 returning from last year (including the top three)
3 returning past champions (2002, 2016-2018); 6 returning top 4 schools
Bernie returning after a 15 year absence
College Heights Christian defeated Thomas Jefferson in the District 6 final, ending TJ's state appearance streak at 20 years (all in Class 1). College Heights now has the longest active streak in all classes (10 years).

Class 3
Eldon, Palmyra: first appearances at State!
John Burroughs: second appearance (4-1); champion in 2007
Houston: third appearance (1-5); first since 2016
Springfield Catholic: third appearance (2-6); 0-3 last year; fourth place in 2016
Hallsville: eleventh appearance (34-12); eighth consecutive; defending champion (third title)
Notre Dame (Cape Girardeau): fourteenth appearance (25-28); first since 2016; champion in 2008
Savannah: eighteenth appearance (64-17); third consecutive (third place last year); seven time champion (most recently 2017)

2 new schools
3 returning from last year (including 1st and 3rd)
4 returning past champions (12 of 23 years); Springfield Catholic has also made the top four
John Burroughs returning after an 11 year absence

Class 4
Poplar Bluff, Parkway South: first appearances at State!
Fort Zumwalt North: second appearance; 1-2 in 1996
Kickapoo: fourth appearance (0-9); second consecutive (0-3 last year)
Central (St. Joseph): sixth (consecutive) appearance (11-12); second place last year and in 2015
Hickman: eighth appearance (20-11); third in 2017; champion in 2016
North Kansas City: twelfth appearance (35-12); fourth consecutive (0-3 last year); six time champion (most recently 2008)
Ladue: thirteenth appearance (50-10); fourth consecutive; defending champion (seventh title); top 3 in every previous appearance

2 new schools
4 returning from last year (including the top two)
3 returning past champions (14 of 23 years); Central (St. Joseph) has also finished in the top four
I assume FZN is who MSHSAA refers to as "Fort Zumwalt" in the 2001-2007 programs even though "North" was added to the name in 1987. They are returning after a 22 year absence since their appearance in the first MSHSAA state championship.

7 schools making their first appearances at State, with one or two in each class!
13 of 32 returning from last year, including the Class 2-4 defending champions. No fourth place teams are returning.

10 schools seeking another state championship, representing 30 of 92 previous championships. Half of these teams are playing for their second championship.
7 schools seeking to improve on a previous top four finish
8 previous attendees seeking their first top four finish. 6 have only won one game each and the other two were winless in their previous appearances.

Each class has exactly one school that finished in the top three in all of their previous appearances - Columbia Independent (0/2/0), Louisiana (2/1/0), John Burroughs (1/0/0), Ladue (7/3/2).

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