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Quiz Bowl Tester

Discussion of quizbowl topics not related to specific tournaments
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Quiz Bowl Tester

Post by octo » Fri Feb 11, 2011 7:08 am

This is worth cross posting from hsqb:

"Hi all, I'm working on a crazy machine learning project to learn how humans can classify text. Quiz bowl is a great testbed for this because of how questions are structured - you hear a question until you know the answer, thus when you buzz is a pretty good signal that these are the textual cues that were most useful to you.

So we built an online app that would incrementally display (word by word, with variable speed) quiz bowl questions and allow people to buzz in when they know the answer. If you're interested, please go here and try it out:

Questions come from Arnav's and Jerry's question databases. If there's huge demand, we can add more questions.

In order to encourage people to use the app, we'll give out Amazon gift certificates of the three people who answer the most questions between now and March 1 ($25 for the person who answers the most, $15 for second most, $10 for third most).

Please, this is for good data, so don't put in junk data or "cheat" by playing memory bowl (there are options to exclude tournaments - use it if you remember questions from a particular tournament too well). Also, please use your real name so we can track you down if you have put in the most data and to add more accountability for people using the app. Also make sure that you consistently use the same name; you will, with 100% certainty, hear the same answers if you don't.

If you have any comments / questions / bugs to report, please contact me ( and Brianna (

Many thanks!"

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