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My take on the outbreak of school shootings

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My take on the outbreak of school shootings

Post by dirtybird06 » Thu Oct 12, 2006 9:42 am

Courtesy of Wikipedia---
September 17, 2006: A shooting incident takes place at Duquesne University. Five members of the Duquesne basketball team are injured.
October 2, 2006: A gunman takes hostages at a small Amish school in Pennsylvania, killing 5 and injuring 2.
October 9, 2006: A middle-schooler fires an AK-47 at the ceiling at his Joplin, MO middle school.

Honestly, what is the deal with all the guns in schools?
The issue that really bugs me is, why target the Amish?! Back where I come from, we have plenty of Amish on the back country roads. They have never done anything to bother me. Hell, they've all been friendly to me. Sold me some hella good moonshine, too (but that's a different story...) I'm really bothered by the fact that someone would shoot innocent Amish. I'm further bothered by the fact that this guy didn't target the Amish adults. This freak lets all the adults and the boys go, and then goes after the Amish girls. I'm really glad that the son a b**** killed himself. It comforts me that a monster like that is burning in hell as I speak.
The incident in Joplin also leaves me intrigued. My initial question after hearing about the shootings is, how in the blue hell does a 13 YEAR OLD get access to an AK-47? Maybe one hell of a Christmas gift from Mom and Pop? ("Here you go, son. An illegal assault weapon, just like you wanted." "Aw, thanks, Pa!) Maybe he stole it. But i'm still intrigued that the kid would know where to find an AK-47. (Assault Guns'R'US, maybe....) The kid was also wearing a black trenchcoat, an obvious Columbine reference. Not that I condone shooting up your school, but can't we get some originality around here? Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold would both turn in their graves if they knew that a 13-year-old punk copied their exact style. If somebody blames music for THIS one, I'll flip out.

I remember back in my day. If we had a problem with someone, we beat the s***out of them. We didn't shoot the bastards. And by the way, what the hell kind of way is that to kill someone? Anyone can shoot someone. Hell, look at The Simpsons. Who shot Mr. Burns? F***ING MAGGIE!
Come up with a better way, people.

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My take on the outbreak of school shootings

Post by S.C.Mitchell07 » Thu Oct 12, 2006 12:33 pm

Green trenchcoat, got the gun out of a locked case, it wasn't an actual AK-47, but an illegally modified MAK-90.

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My take on the outbreak of school shootings

Post by LibertyMarie » Thu Oct 12, 2006 4:00 pm

seriously, how would you pull it off without a trenchcoat. you gotta hide the thing somewhere, and on your person's more accessible...

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