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ACF Regionals at WUSTL (02/26/11)

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ACF Regionals at WUSTL (02/26/11)

Post by Charbroil » Sat Jan 22, 2011 8:09 pm

Thank you to everyone who attended this event. Final Stats can be found here:

Preliminaries - Playoffs - Combined


The Washington University College Bowl Team will be hosting a mirror of the Academic Competition Federation (ACF) Regionals Tournament on February 26th, 2011.

I, Charles Hang, will probably be serving as the Tournament Director; if not, one of my esteemed teammates will be. To register for the tournament, or if you have any questions, please email us at


Tournament check-in will begin at 8:45 AM, morning announcements will be at 9:00, and play will begin at 9:15. The entire tournament (including awards and playoffs) should be over before 5:00. Each team will be guaranteed eleven games, and there will be finals as necessary to determine the champion.


The tournament will be taking place in a building to be determined (Building TBD on the map at ... rthmap.pdf). Parking is plentiful for the event, and any of the major parking lots on the map should be fine.


To register, please e-mail us at with the following information:

1/ The Number of teams you will be bringing
2/ The Number of buzzers you will be bringing
3/ The number of players you will have, as well as their names.
4/ The number of staff (moderators and scorekeepers) you will be bringing

All registrations must be received prior to the date of the tournament. Once you register, I will send out all necessary information. Please feel free to share this announcement with any schools that you think would be interested in attending.

Fee Structure

Base fee: $120
Buzzer systems: -$5 each
Staffers: -$10 each
Travel: -$10 for every 200 mi. travelled
International: -$20
New to ACF teams: -$25
New to Quizbowl teams: -$75

Showing up late without getting in touch with me: +$20 penalty.

*To be defined as an individual capable of either reading a 20 tossup, 20 bonus match in under 30 minutes or capable of scorekeeping such a match.

We are, of course, willing to make accommodations if a team has trouble paying and wishes to arrange a payment plan, etc. Checks should be made out to "Washington University Academic Team;" we can also take cash payments, but greatly prefer payment by check.

Packet Submission

This is a packet submission tournament. Teams containing one or more players who have played in a collegiate tournament before September 1st, 2009 are required to submit packets. NOTE: This includes high school teams.

Teams which are not required to submit packets are also welcome to submit them for additional discounts.

For more information, please visit: ... p#required

Here is the packet submission schedule:

Before January 2, 2011: -$50 and my undying respect
January 2, 2011: -$50
January 16, 2011: -$25 (-$50 for optional packets)
January 30, 2011: early birthday present for me gets you no penalty (-$25 for optional packets)
February 6, 2011: +$25
February 13, 2011: +$50 and a big frowny face

Please send all packets to; to make things easier, mention "packet" in your subject line.

High School Staffing Discount

In addition to offering the above discounts for collegiate teams attending this event, we will also be offering a $10 discount to every high school player, coach, or anyone else involved with a high school event who volunteers to staff our event, to be applied towards admissions fees for our high school tournament, the Washington University High School Academic Challenge (WUHSAC). We will also offer a $5 discount per 50 miles traveled, one way, for individuals affiliated with high schools traveling 50 or more miles to staff our tournament.

NOTE: If you sign up to staff ACF Regionals 2011 before WUHSAC 2011 (January 29th, 2011), we are willing to give you the WUHSAC discount even before you actually staff the tournament. However, if you choose not to staff ACF Regionals 2011, we will request a refund of the discount.


ACF eligibility rules can be found at beginning on page 3.


The tournament will be using the ACF Regionals set, a regular difficulty collegiate set. Examples of past ACF Regionals tournaments can be found at

Field (To be updated as registrations and expressions of interest appear)

Field (To be updated as registrations and expressions of interest appear)

Attending (17+)
WUSTL (0+)
Illinois (1)
Northwestern (2)
Miami of Ohio (3)
Kansas State (1)
Ohio State (2)
Centre College
Truman State (2+)
Michigan (2)

Expressed Interest

I look forward to seeing you at Washington University on February 26th!*

* Unless I'm not there, in which case whoever is directing the tournament will see you with hopefully as much enthusiasm.
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Re: ACF Regionals at WUSTL (02/26/11)

Post by Charbroil » Fri Feb 11, 2011 2:27 am

Minor correction--checks should be made out to "Washington University Academic Team" instead of "Washington University College Bowl."

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Re: ACF Regionals at WUSTL (02/26/11)

Post by Charbroil » Wed Feb 23, 2011 11:15 pm

Hey, we really need staffers for this, so if area high schoolers or people associated with high school teams might be interested in volunteering for this, that would be great. Don't forget, staffing this earns your teams a WUHSAC discount for next year.

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Re: ACF Regionals at WUSTL (02/26/11)

Post by Charbroil » Thu Mar 24, 2011 8:03 am

I forgot to post the statistics here earlier, so here the are - Preliminaries - Playoffs - Combined

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