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CANCELLED: DEES at Mizzou - November 22, 2014

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CANCELLED: DEES at Mizzou - November 22, 2014

Post by khrum » Thu Sep 04, 2014 11:58 am

The University of Missouri-Columbia will be hosting DEES, the Demonstratively Excellent Educational Saturnalia on November 22. I, Itamar Naveh-Benjamin, will be directing the tournament. The original announcement can be found here.


This is a packet submission tournament. All teams that have any players who participated in a college quizbowl tournament before September 1st, 2013 are required to submit a packet. The guidelines are as follows:


*5/5 Literature (1/1 American, 1/1 British, 1/1 European after 500 CE, .5/.5 World, 1.5/1.5 Anything. Please be sure to represent poetry, drama, and fiction and incorporate different time periods and nations)
*5/5 History (1/1 American, 1/1 World History, 3/3 European/Canadian/Australian, with 1 question on classical history, 1 on British history, and 3 on continental Europe included)
*5/5 Science (1/1 Bio, 1/1 Physics, 1/1 Chemistry [only 1 organic chemistry question], 1/1 Math and optional Computer Science [i.e. you can either write 1/1 math or 1 math and one CS), 1/1 Astronomy and Earth Science)
*3/3 Fine Arts (1/1 Painting, 1/1 Music, 1/1 Other, with both visual and auditory arts represented)
*3/3 RMP (1/1 Myth [1 Greco-Roman, 1 other], 1/1 Religion [1 Judeo-Christian, 1 other], 1/1 Philosophy [please vary time periods])
*1/1 Social Science (to copy the ACF guidelines – “Possible topics for this category include economics, psychology, sociology, linguistics, anthropology, political science, social criticism, and law. The two questions should not come from the same field of study. Questions on Supreme Court cases go under history; other law questions may go here.)
*The remaining 2/2 will comprise of a single question from each of the following categories: Popular Culture, Current Events, Geography, and “Your Choice.” I want your choice to be a wild place for you to write questions about something that doesn’t neatly fit in another category but which is interesting.


Sept. 6th = $90 discount
Sept. 20th = $40 discount
Sept. 27th = $20 discount
Oct 11th = $0 Penalty
Oct. 18th = $20 Penalty
Oct. 25th = $40 Penalty
Nov. 1st = $60 Penalty
After November 1st, but by November 10th, there will be a $100 penalty. You'll have to talk to Charlie if you want to turn in a packet after that.

The final set will have a hard cap of 6 lines in Times New Roman 10-point font. Send your packet to Charlie Dees at


Base fee per team: $120
Discount per buzzer (max 2): $5
Travel discount: $15 if over 200 miles
Discount per capable moderator: $20 (we reserve the right to limit this discount if our staffing needs have been met)

Please bring payment on the day of the tournament in the form of cash or a check made out to the University of Missouri Quizbowl Club. If your buzzers do not work, you will not receive the discount.


This tournament is open to any team whose players attend the same school, whether it be college or high school. High school teams are subject to the same packet writing rules.


The tournament will be held at the Arts and Sciences building. Registration will begin at 8:30 a.m.; the first round will start promptly at 9 a.m. We will announce the room numbers as we get closer to the tournament.

To register for this tournament, or if you have any other questions, please email with "DEES" in the subject line.

- Itamar
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Re: DEES at Mizzou - November 22, 2014

Post by khrum » Mon Oct 27, 2014 11:57 pm

This tournament has been cancelled due to lack of interest.

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