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TT2021 - Lee's Summit West High School (Virtual)

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TT2021 - Lee's Summit West High School (Virtual)

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Academic Coaches,

The members of Lee's Summit West High School Scholar Bowl welcome your team to join others from across the region at the Titan Tournament 2021 (TT2021), scheduled for January 23rd, 2021. Our virtual tournament will consist of a minimum of eight games for all teams in a modified NAQT/national format:
Each game shall consist of two halves of ten tossups each, with each correct tossup followed by a three-part bonus.
Correct tossup answers are ten points each, with an additional five-point “power” awarded for providing a correct answer before a predetermined point. We will not assess a penalty for interrupting the moderator during the tossup with an incorrect answer. Tossups are five seconds each.
The team that receives the bonus will have five seconds to answer each part. The moderator will prompt after four seconds. Unless otherwise specified in a bonus set, each bonus part shall be ten points each.
In the event a game is tied after regulation, additional tossups shall be read until the next change in score.
Each team shall have one 30 second timeout per game. Substitutions, score checks, and team conferences may occur at the half, prior to overtime, or during any timeout called by either team.
Teams rosters shall be limited to seven players; schools are encouraged to bring junior varsity and “B” teams to compete. Teams may play with fewer than four players. Rosters shall be submitted in advance and finalized at registration on the morning of the tournament. Players may not change teams during the tournament.
At present, we are keeping math computation questions, which will receive ten seconds instead of five seconds. We also plan to allow bouncebacks on bonus, with rebounding teams expected to provide an answer immediately. This may change depending on how effective other virtual tournaments using these operate. At present we are not using timed halves but might institute this option if it is needed to ensure timely completion of our tournament.

We are slated to use question set 200A. If you attend our event, you will not be able to attend these or other tournaments using this set. Additionally, we are currently limiting the field to 18 teams; this may expand depending on staff availability. Additional teams will be placed on a waitlist and contacted should an opening occur.

We anticipate serving as a qualifier for the NAQT Small School National Championship Tournament, NAQT High School National Championship Tournament, and PACE National Scholastic Championship, provided of course that these events are able to take place this spring.

Teams will play five-morning rounds, break for lunch, then return for at least three-afternoon games. This setup is subject to change, depending on the number of teams signed up. Teams should log on between 8:00 and 8:15 a.m., with the first round set for 8:15 a.m. and afternoon rounds slated to begin at 1:30 p.m. With the exception of any playoff games for trophies, we anticipate the last game ending between 4 and 5 p.m.

The fee structure is as follows, per school:
Each team: $70
Discount for providing a competent scorekeeper: $10
Discount for providing a competent moderator: $20
Discounts may be multiplied but may not exceed $35 per team. All discounts are subject to the discretion of tournament officials. Staffers will need a Google Drive account.

Our tournament will take place via Google Meet. Please make sure that you and your players are able to utilize this platform. We will use BuzzIn.Live as our online buzzer system.

The tournament is under the direction of Lee's Summit West High School Coach Seth Brummond. We anticipate receiving certification and assistance from the Missouri Quizbowl Alliance, an organization dedicated to promoting quality scholar bowl tournaments around the state. Participants will be expected to abide by the Honor Pledge and Section I (Ethics and Conduct) promulgated by the Partnership for Academic Competition Excellence (PACE).

To register for this tournament, please visit https://forms.gle/EE2iYt7R9Ed1trW6A. Questions concerning the tournament may be directed to Coach Brummond at seth.brummond@lsr7.net. Please include “TT 2021” in the subject line.

We look forward to seeing you at TT2021 on January 23rd.
Seth Brummond

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