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2/12/2022 Fair Grove High School Varsity February Frenzy Tournament

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2/12/2022 Fair Grove High School Varsity February Frenzy Tournament

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Fair Grove HS will be hosting the Fair Grove High School VARSITY FEBRUARY FRENZY Tournament on February 12, 2022. The tournament will be in the 20 Tossup/20 Bonus format and we will be utilizing Powers for early buzzing. We will NOT be using bounce backs on bonus questions or negative points for wrong answers (negs) on tossups. At this time, we plan to be in person. However, this could change in a moment’s notice.

We will use the 2021-22 Scottie set from Glasgow. Please double check no that other tournament you attend is using this set before entering.

We are currently capping the tournament field at 18 teams. The field can expand if there is more interest and, more importantly, staff.

Prices are:
- $70 for the first team from a school, $65 for each additional team.
- Fully functional buzzer systems are a $5 discount (must work for 8 players, limit 2 discounts per team). Preference given to those whose systems require the moderator to reset buzzers.
- Providing an experienced moderator (reader) is a $15 discount. Please let us know about these in advance. We reserve the right to refuse moderators.
- Providing an experienced scorekeeper is a $5 discount. Please let us know about these in advance.
- Teams traveling over 100 miles (one way per Google Maps) will receive a $5 discount.
-$50 minimum per team.

Matches will begin at 9:00 AM, and there will be a lunch break around 12:00-12:30 PM. We will have a concession stand available all day. Due to the limited options in our town, I am working to have lunch at an affordable price available to teams on site. I will send more information as that develops. We hope to be done no later than 5:00 PM.

Spots will be filled on a first come/first served basis. In an effort to get as many schools involved as we can, teams will be allowed 2 entries with all additional teams being put on the waiting list. “C” teams (and other letters) will be added to the lineup if staffing allows.

Please understand that, until I confirm with you via email, your team(s) are not registered. I will create a waiting list if this tournament fills up. Those who can provide experienced staffers are likely to gain priority over those just bringing teams on the waiting list.

I plan on awarding trophy/plaques to the top two teams, and individual medals for the top 10 scorers of the morning sessions.

Please email me to receive the registration url or with any questions at wahlquistm@fgsmail.org. Please specify for which tournament you are registering as we are also hosting a Middle School and HS Novice tournament in January..

Michelle Wahlquist
Fair Grove High School Coach

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