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October 24- Clever Middle School

Tournament announcements, results, and discussion about specific tournaments.
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October 24- Clever Middle School

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On behalf of Coach Bloxom and myself, Clever HS & MS would like to invite you to our Middle School Academic Tournament on Monday, October 24, 2022. The tournament will be in the 20 Tossup/20 Bonus format and we will be utilizing Powers for early buzzing. We will NOT be using bouncebacks on bonus questions or negative points for wrong answers (negs). This tournament will be in-person, at Clever Elemiddle School.

We will use question set MS-43 from National Academic Quiz Tournaments (NAQT). This set is (at the time of posting) being used in Missouri by Lee’s Summit West on 10/15(Titan Novice) and Columbia Independent on 10/29 (Big Cat II). We have been told by NAQT that this is likely the same set to be used by the Ozark 7 and SWCL Conferences. If you are in those conferences and plan to attend their events, you cannot attend Clever’s MS event. Please double check no other tournament you attend is using this set before entering. You can find free sample questions at http://www.naqt.com.

We are currently capping the field at 18 teams. The field can expand if there is more interest and more importantly staff. We will accommodate as many teams as we can manage with staffing and school space.

Prices are:
- $70 for the first team from a school, $65 for each additional team.
- Fully functional buzzer systems are a $5 discount (must work for 8 players, limit 2 discounts per team). Preference given to those whose systems require the moderator to reset buzzers.
- Providing an experienced moderator (reader) is a $15 discount. Please let us know about these well in advance. We reserve the right to refuse moderators.
-Providing an experienced scorekeeper is a $10 discount. Scorekeepers must be digitally proficient enough to work with a Google Sheets scorecard with limited training.
-$50 minimum per team.

Checkin will be at 8:30 and Matches will begin no later than 9:00 AM. There will be a lunch break around 12:00-12:30 PM. We will likely run a concession stand. I will have more information later, but we will likely run something like Hamburgers and Chicken Sandwiches. We hope to be done no later than 5:00PM.

Spots will be filled on a first come/first served basis. Rather than emailing us, please use this form to register. In an effort to get as many schools involved as we can, teams will be allowed 2 entries with all additional teams being put on the waiting list. “C” teams (and other letters) will be added to the lineup 2 weeks before the event.


Please understand that, until I confirm with you via email, your team(s) are not registered. I will create a waiting list if this tournament fills up. Those who can provide experienced staffers are likely to gain priority over those just bringing teams on the waiting list.

We plan on awarding trophy/plaques to the top 2 teams, and individual medals for the top 10 scorers of the morning sessions. Currently, this is scheduled at the Clever Elemiddle School (NOT THE HS). Feel free to email me with any questions at walkers@cleverbluejays.org.

On a side note, if you are hosting a tournament we would gladly like information as we are looking to fill our season as well. If you are considering hosting, please feel free to ask me questions. If I don’t know the answer I have contacts who will.

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Re: October 24- Clever Middle School

Post by Reklaw »

Current Field 14/18

Fair Grove-1
Webb City-2
Woodland (Ak)-1

Waiting List Teams (Teams will be added in pairs)

Skyline B

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Re: October 24- Clever Middle School

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Thank you for an awesome day! I know what feels crazy and hectic on my end probably went smoother than I believe, and it is in large part to everyone who was here getting things done. Thank you.

Woodland went undefeated on the day to take 1st place after 9 rounds. Houston only lost to Woodland, securing second place behind Forsyth who took 3rd.

There are a lot of thanks, but like watching the Oscars, please take a minute to listen (read) to everyone I need to thank, because without them this isn’t possible.

First, a Big thanks to coach Bruce Bloxom for all the logistics on site. This isn’t my normal building of operation, so I appreciate his organization and working out those details. Second, to Mrs. Kelly Kuhl who ran the concession stand for our Lighthouse team. She managed to get everyone fed and make sure we all got home early. Finally, to Quinn McGarry, who is always a strong sounding board with my crazy ideas and help with logistics. He probably did about 85 things I didn’t know about today so I could focus on stats and logistics.

Second, thanks to our staff. Mrs. Eileen Dodson and Quinn McGarry of Clever’s Faculty, Mr. Jason Pounds provided Andy, Tyler, and Ben who all read today and kept a strong pace. Mrs. Amy John and Skyline’s other helper whose name I never got (my apologies). Finally, the entire Clever HS Academic Team who kept score, worked the concession stand, and encouraged players all day.

Jeffrey and Kyle Hill I owe a huge thanks for the in-depth document that is HILLSheets. I highly recommend these to anyone running any events.

Finally, to all of you:

THANK YOU! You gave up a Monday. Some of you made Sub Plan (the bane of all teachers’ existences) and the rest gave up a day off. Thanks for all you do for quizbowl for this area. A special shout out to Patricia Dennis-McClug from Woodland, who drove all the way here from Arkansas!

Stats are available HERE. The live scorecard should stay up for a while, so if anything seems off please let me know.

Thanks again everyone! I’m going to go home and finish grading my English Classes’ essays. Have a great week!

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