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[10/7/23] - PAKT II: Parkway Academic Kickoff Tournament

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[10/7/23] - PAKT II: Parkway Academic Kickoff Tournament

Post by pwestcoach »

The Parkway West Scholar Bowl Team is excited to announce the Parkway Academic Kickoff Tournament II for Saturday, October 7, 2023. We are guaranteeing teams at least 10 games, and we will be applying for PACE certification to serve as a qualifier for the 2023 PACE NSC.

Parkway West is located at 14653 Clayton Rd, Ballwin, MO 63011.

Tournament Format:

20 Tossups / 20 three-part Bonuses
15-point powers for a sufficiently early answers on tossups
There WILL NOT be penalties for incorrect answers (no negs)
Bonuses WILL NOT bounceback/rebound.
There is currently a cap of 24 teams, but that may change depending on the amount of staff available.


We will be using SHOW-ME More(details here: https://hsquizbowl.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=26957). SHOW-ME More is a regular difficulty set. We will be the first Missouri tournament to use SHOW-ME More, and as this is the first weekend for competitions (per MSHSAA), no team should have encountered these questions.
SHOW-ME More will be used at BFF on 10/21/22, so teams should make sure not to sign up for both tournaments. If you can't make our tournament, please make sure to check out theirs: [Link to Come with Announcement]

Costs & Discounts:

$75 for the first registered team.
$65 for each subsequent team
$5 discount for a fully-functional, 8-or-more person buzzer set. Max $10 discount.
$10 discount for an experienced moderator. We reserve the right to refuse moderators.

Tournament Schedule:

Check-in will run from 7:15 - 8:00, with a team meeting at 8:20 and the first round of preliminary play to begin at 8:40. There will be a break for lunch, after which we will present individual awards. More information regarding the schedule will be provided to teams as the tournament date approaches. There are several convenient lunch options within 5 minutes of West High.


Please complete this Google Form (https://forms.gle/hjyJ2iF5y8UW7WEF7) to register teams and sign up for discounts. Registration is first come-first served. You will not officially be entered into the tournament until you receive an email confirming your registration.

Rosters and Scoresheets:

To limit time spent on substitutions and to promote a maximum amount of playtime, rosters are capped at six students per team. Please feel free to bring additional teams! To help with the running of the tournament, we will ask for rosters to be submitted via a Google Form the week of the tournament. We will be keeping score online, which will allow us to give teams detailed category and individual statistics in an expeditious manner.

Thank you for considering! We are looking forward to another great season of Quiz Bowl!

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Re: [10/7/23] - PAKT II: Parkway Academic Kickoff Tournament

Post by pwestcoach »

Field 17/24
Bayless A&B 2T/1M/2B

Fair Grove 1/0/1
Ladue 3/0/0
Lindbergh 2/1/2
Lutheran St. Charles 1/0/1
North Point A&B 2/1/1
Oakville 1/1/1
Parkway Central 1/1/0
Parkway South A&B 2/0/2
Parkway West 1/-/-
Webster Groves 1/0/1

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