Team Missouri wins all-star tournament!

Congratulations to Team Missouri A for winning the 2024 National All-Star Academic Tournament and Missouri B for finishing tied for fourth place! Yrwin Batan of Missouri B and Camden Williams of Missouri A were also the top two individual scorers!Looking for practice material? Find thousands of free archived packets for practice and study from the Quizbowl Packet Archive!

Missouri Fall Academic Tournament (MFAT) - October 28, 2023

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Missouri Fall Academic Tournament (MFAT) - October 28, 2023

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Hello Everyone,
The University of Missouri Quiz Bowl Club is pleased to announce that the 15th edition of the Missouri Fall Academic Tournament (MFAT) will take place Saturday, October 28th, 2023.

I’m Brendan Fuller, the president of MUQB. The Tournament Director will be our most senior member: Felix Wang, with assistance from MOQBA and the Mizzou Quiz Bowl Club.

We are going to be using NAQT’s IS-Set 224. This set will also be used at the following tournaments in Missouri: the Houston Scholar Bowl Fall Invitational, the North Point Invitational (11/11), and the 4th annual Heartland Catholic Scholar Bowl tournament (early 2024). More information regarding these tournaments can be found at the following link: ... et_id=3767

The tournament will be in 20/20 format. We will be using 15-point powers and we will be using 5-point negs. There will also be no bounce-backs at this tournament.

We will give out trophies to the top 4 teams. We will also present an award to the top-placing small school. We will base the small school judgment on NAQT’s definition found here:

The number of bids for SSNCT will be based upon how many teams register. Teams eligible for SSNCT Open may receive an SSNCT bid, but will be ineligible for the small school title.

There will be a maximum of 6 players on each team roster. If you would like to bring more players, please do not hesitate to sign up multiple teams in order to get the maximum amount of experience for your players.

The field will initially be capped at 24 teams, with a waitlist forming for further interest. Registration will be on a first-come, first-serve basis, and if teams are to drop, teams will be chosen off the waitlist in the order of their registration. If the field fills, we will be able to guarantee teams 10 games, providing a significant amount of early season experience. In addition, the top 15% of teams will qualify for the 2024 High School National Championship Tournament in Atlanta. Details regarding qualification for the 2024 PACE NSC will be available at a later date.

While this field is initially capped at 24 teams, we hope to expand once we can guarantee we have enough staffers to support a larger field.

Fee Structure:
$70 base fee per team, and a minimum fee of $50 per team (depending on discounts).
Buzzer system discount*: -$5 per system per team.
Staffer discounts: -$10 per team that brings an experienced staffer. This can be a coach, parent, or any other person attending who isn’t playing. We will provide them with lunch. For the staff discounts, we need to know about your plans to bring staff before the tournament, and we reserve the right to not take you up on your staff and their discount.


Registration will be handled through the NAQT registration service found at the following link: ... &type=TEAM

The tournament will be held in Arts & Science Hall. We will begin sign-in at 8:15 AM and would like all teams to be in Arts & Science by 8:45 AM. We will then begin playing at 9:00 AM.

We hope to see you all on October 28th for what is sure to be a fun as well as a quality tournament early in the season. For any questions don’t hesitate to contact me at or The tournament director can be contacted at

-Brendan Fuller
Mizzou Quiz Bowl President
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Re: Missouri Fall Academic Tournament (MFAT) 2023

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Field List (24/24)
Calvary Lutheran A
Calvary Lutheran B
College Heights Christian
Eldon A
Eldon B
Fort Osage
Jefferson City A
Jefferson City B
Lakeland A
Lakeland B
Lindbergh A
Lindbergh B
Mexico A
Mexico B
Mexico C
New Haven
Rock Bridge
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Re: Missouri Fall Academic Tournament (MFAT) - October 28, 2023

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Given that the field has now been filled, there will now be a waitlist for potential tournament expansion or replacement teams.
Waitlist (0)

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Re: Missouri Fall Academic Tournament (MFAT) - October 28, 2023

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Hi everybody.

Due to personal circumstances, Jacob Groves has stepped down from directing this tournament. I, Felix Wang will be the new tournament director. My email is Don't hesitate to email Brendan or I via the Mizzou Quizbowl email or the personal emails listed if you have any questions. I look forward to a great tournament!

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