Team Missouri wins all-star tournament!

Congratulations to Team Missouri A for winning the 2024 National All-Star Academic Tournament! Missouri A finished with the best record in the round robin (12-2) then won the second game of the advantaged final against Maryland! Missouri B was part of the four way tie for second at 11-3, but lost the first tiebreaker game to Illinois Cyan to finish tied for fourth. Yrwin Batan of Missouri B and Camden Williams of Missouri A were also the top two individual scorers!Looking for practice material? Find thousands of free archived packets for practice and study from the Quizbowl Packet Archive!

Houston Fall MS 11/18

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Houston Fall MS 11/18

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The Houston Fall MS Tournament will be on Saturday November 18th this year. We will be using the QUAOAR Question set. The first round will start at 9:00 (or slightly earlier if possible) and the tournament will consist of a minimum of eight rounds of 20-20 format (20 tossups and up to 20 three part bonuses) with rebounding bonuses and powers, but no negs. We will start the tournament limit at 12 and see how staffing goes from there. We will have awards for the top 2 teams and the top 10 individuals. If you are interested in joining the tournament, please email me at with the following information:
1. How many teams
2. How many moderators
3. How many buzzers
4. How many scorekeepers

The fee structure is as follows:
First team from a school: $75
Each subsequent team: $70
Scorekeeper discount: $5 per scorekeeper as needed
Moderator discount: $15 per moderator as needed (moderators must be approved by the tournament director)
Buzzer discount: $5 per fully functioning system
Maximum discount:$25

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