Team Missouri wins all-star tournament!

Congratulations to Team Missouri A for winning the 2024 National All-Star Academic Tournament and Missouri B for finishing tied for fourth place! Yrwin Batan of Missouri B and Camden Williams of Missouri A were also the top two individual scorers!Looking for practice material? Find thousands of free archived packets for practice and study from the Quizbowl Packet Archive!

Lakeland Invitational Turkey Tourney (LITT) I

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Josh Malecki
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Lakeland Invitational Turkey Tourney (LITT) I

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Lakeland High School is proud to announce the 1st Lakeland Invitational Turkey Tourney (LITT I) to be held Saturday, November 18, 2023 at Lakeland High School in Deepwater, Missouri (12530 Lakeland School Drive, Deepwater, MO 64740). Teams should arrive between 8-8:30 AM, matches will start at 9 AM, or all earlier if teams are in place.

Question Set:
We will be using the CARD Set (information about the set can be found here: As of September, 2023, no other school in Missouri has claimed this set. This is considered a regular Varsity set, equivalent to a 3 on QBReader, and similar to NAQT IS-sets.

Question/Game Format:
20 questions with 20 3-part rebounding bonuses
15-point powers for early correct tossup responses
There will be no “negs” for incorrect early buzzes
Sudden-death tiebreaker

Tournament Format:
Prelim brackets leading to either playoffs or consolation brackets.
Bracket ranked by win-lost with ties broken by average points per game
Following prelims, awards will be presented to the top individual scorers
Trophies for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams

Registration & Costs:
1st Team: $75
Subsequent Teams: $70 each
Discounts: $10 per approved moderator, $5 per scorekeeper, $5 per fully-functional 8+ player buzzer system, $10 for 100 miles traveled one way
Minimum Fee: $45

Due to a lack of lunch options in the Truman Lake area near Lakeland, we will provide lunch with a: sub platter, chips, drink, and dessert. We anticipate a cost of $8

You can e-mail me ( to register your team, or if you have any questions

Josh Malecki
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Re: Lakeland Invitational Turkey Tourney (LITT) I

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Teams (18/18)

Fort Osage A
Fort Osage B
Fort Osage C
Nevada A
Nevada B
LS West
Jasper A
Jasper B
(KC) Center A
(KC) Center B
Greenwood Lab
Pleasant Hope A
Pleasant Hope B
Skyline A
Skyline B


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