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Sullivan Spring Academic Tournament - 2/3/24

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Jason Loy
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Sullivan Spring Academic Tournament - 2/3/24

Post by Jason Loy »

Hello all,

I am pleased to announce that Sullivan High School will be hosting a scholar bowl tournament on Saturday, February 3, 2024.

We will be using the SITH I question set. If you register for this tournament, please ensure that your team does not attend another tournament using the same question set. Currently, Palmyra High School is hosting on the same set on the same day, and Hillcrest HS in Springfield will be using the set in April.

Each game will consist of twenty tossups and up to twenty bonuses. We will use fifteen point powers, no penalties for incorrect tossup answers, and bonuses will not rebound. Each team will be guaranteed at least eight games.

I will initially limit the field to 24 entries. If we have enough staff, we may decide to expand the field in multiples of six. If you wish to register, please email me at loyj@sullivaneagles.org with the number of teams you wish to enter and whether you'd be able to supply any moderators, scorekeepers, or buzzer systems. Entry fees will be as follows:

First team from a school: $70
Each subsequent team: $65
Scorekeeper discount: $5 per scorekeeper as needed
Moderator discount: $15 per moderator as needed (moderators must be approved by the tournament director)
Buzzer discount: $5 per fully functioning system

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

We hope to see you in February!

Jason Loy
Posts: 1803
Joined: Wed Mar 11, 2009 12:00 am

Re: Sullivan Spring Academic Tournament - 2/3/24

Post by Jason Loy »

Field (30/32)

Confirmed teams are in bold.

St Clair
Rolla A
Rolla B
North Point A
North Point B
Bayless A
Bayless B
New Haven
Washington A
Washington B

St Pius X (Festus)
Bunker A
Bunker B
Fatima A
Fatima B
Orchard Farm A
Orchard Farm B
North County

Owensville A
Orchard Farm C

Houston A
Houston B

New Bloomfield

MS (15/16)

Sullivan A
Sullivan B
St Clair `
Union A
Union B
Union C
Houston A
Houston B
Washington A
Washington B
Washington C
Camdenton A
Camdenton B

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