Team Missouri wins all-star tournament!

Congratulations to Team Missouri A for winning the 2024 National All-Star Academic Tournament and Missouri B for finishing tied for fourth place! Yrwin Batan of Missouri B and Camden Williams of Missouri A were also the top two individual scorers!Looking for practice material? Find thousands of free archived packets for practice and study from the Quizbowl Packet Archive!

WUFAT VIII @ Washington University in St Louis 11/4/2023

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WUFAT VIII @ Washington University in St Louis 11/4/2023

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Tournament directors Jonah Schwartz and Gavin Wagner, as well as the rest of the Washington University Quizbowl Team are pleased to announce that Washington University in St. Louis will be hosting a fall invitational tournament on November 4, 2023. We will be using Planetfall, a regular high school difficulty set, information about which can be found here.
This tournament will be seeking to be a qualifier for the 2023 PACE NSC.

Fees and registration:
Base Fee: $75 per first team from a school, $65 per each subsequent team from a school.
Staffer Discount: $10 per staffer.
Working Buzzer Discount: $5 per buzzer (your system must allow for 8 people to play at any one time for us to use it for the discount).
Minimum fee: $50 dollars.

Our preferred method of payment is a check made out to “Washington University Quiz Bowl.” The check can be mailed or brought in on the day of the tournament (preferred).

To register, simply email and tell us how many teams, buzzers and staffers your school will be bringing, along with (at some point before the tournament) a day-of contact number.

NOTE: All teams must have at least one coach/chaperone that travels to the game rooms with the team.

This tournament’s field will be initially capped at 24 teams, though the field may be expanded in the future. To view the field for the tournament, see the hsquizbowl forum post linked here.

We are allowing for direct entry for the first two teams from a school. A school’s first two teams will have priority on the waitlist, ahead of any further (C and so on) teams from a school. Any further teams (example: C or D teams) will be placed on a separate waitlist and allowed into the field around 10 days before the tournament date, pending available space in the field (so you will know by around October 25th).

We will be limiting a team’s roster to a maximum of 6 players; schools are encouraged to bring junior varsity or “B” or “C” teams to compete. Rosters will be submitted in advance, but won’t be finalized until during check-in the morning of the tournament. Players may not change teams during the tournament.

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